What Our Students Say


Eréndira Ramos Vázquez

Graduate School Preparation Program, 2022

“When I started the program, I was afraid to speak in English. A week ago, I gave a conference at the law school. When I look back to where I started and compare that to how I feel now, I’m much more confident and have a better command of English. It's a huge difference.”

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Taka Nakamura

Global Business Certificate, 2019

“You would not have the UW experience in your home country. In class, there are many people from other countries with other backgrounds, and just talking with them brings up new ideas, new imaginations and new worlds.”

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Ying Jia

Intensive English Program, 2017–2018
Global Business English Program, 2019

“UW teachers are strict with us at the start, but kind, too. And with a good teacher, I can gain more knowledge. Now I’m pursuing the Global Business Certificate, and in July 2020, I’m going to apply for OPT. I will study hard.”

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Meng Hsuang Chang

Intensive English Program, 2018–2019

“Studying in the IEP program was an invaluable experience and provided me everything I needed. It helped me get used to the American lifestyle and culture, and improve my academic English skills. The teachers and advisors took care of me as if they were my family.”  

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Georgina Sanchez

Global Business English Program, 2018

“Now I feel good — I feel stronger in a job interview because my English is much better than when I arrived in the United States. I feel more fluent now. I’m ready for success in my career.”

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